My name is Beatrice Bekar, and I am a student at the London College of Communication in Design Management & Cultures. This blog will bring you through my journey in the world of design through researches, critiques and case studies.

Born in Milan, I have been exploring the world since a very young age, following my family through many different countries. The experiences I’ve collected during these years spent living among two of the most important cities in the world – Milan and Istanbul – contributed to making me the person I am today: a world citizen, an independent young woman, a critical thinker and open-minded human being. Thanks to my curiosity and passion for knowledge I developed a keen interest in design, technology and philosophy.

Having had a scientific studies background, I fell in love with the idea of combining, through the course in Design Management, two of my biggest passions: art and science. The course that I have undertaken is thus giving me the possibility to understand where I see myself in the future: my ambition is to participate actively in the creative industry, not only as a creator but as a developer for creativity. I see design management as the possibility to create leader personalities with artistic sensibility able to engage and act collaboratively with all the aspects and the people of the creative process.

For me design represents not only products but also a human-centered activity able to develop social, technological and economical change. Design to me is an intrinsic quality of human beings, the one through which we can create the tools – extensions of ourselves – that make us able to shape the world.



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