An extraordinary experience to unshape the ordinary objects. Everyday objects have an intrinsic meaning to exist, but why do we associate them with a single function? The exhibition presented aims to understand why individuals assign a restricted purpose to everyday objects and tries to overcome the existing mindset perceived around them.

Disobjectified is a mental – and physical – challenge that we encourage everybody to experience.

Throughout our lives, we are taught to assign to each object a particular function and, likewise machines, we end up using those objects mechanically – without even thinking why we use them in a certain way or why they work the way they do.

While taking for granted everything that surrounds us and everything that contributes to shaping our lives, we have lost the real perception that we – human beings – should have of life: a fluid experience in which possibilities are shaped by our way of perceiving the world. This is what makes everything and anything possible at the same time. This is the essence of Disobjectified.

By exhibiting objects of common use – a cup of tea with sugar, three apples and a knife, toothpaste and toothbrush – related to each other, our aim is to shock people’s expectations. Even though the objects can instinctively be associated with breakfast, the viewers eventually realise, with the intervention of the artists, that that is not the case. Here the sugar becomes soap for washing hands and the toothpaste a new kind of paint. The installation terminates with the brutal stabbing of the apple, symbolising the fall of the human brain, fixed to its preconceptions and defenceless against change.

The choice of glowy paper, onto which objects are disposed and from which are reflected, arose from the need of best symbolising the relativism existing not only in mental perception but also, and especially, in our viewing perception.

The confusion and the shock felt by the public can only be the start for a reshaping of our limits. Fear, anger, confusion are all emotions equally powerful to positive feelings and thus can be the start of the design of a new world of infinite possibilities.


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