Pedagogical Sketchbook

For this term our assignment for CTS is an essay based on an object study that we had to choose from the V&A Museum.

The 41u7x3XuEzL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_object I chose after my visit at the museum is a sketchbook entitled ‘Pedagogical Sketchbook’ by Paul Klee. Written in 1924, the book, originally handwritten – as a pile of working notes he used in his lectures – it was eventually edited by Walter Gropius and published in 1925 as a Bauhaus student manual.

What drawn me to this object was the fact that, in order to realise it, Klee had to translate what he usually did unconsciously into something logical, a method that student could understand, learn and reproduce.


I found interesting the fact that we also, as Design Management students, have to do the same in order to turn the result of an irrational process, such as art, into a business.

In my essay I’m going to describe the object in terms of its design and significance and briefly analyse Paul Klee’s role at the Bauhaus and the influences and teachings that this movement brought into contemporary design.




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