From Objects To Processes

The Triennale di Milano International Exhibition opens after twenty years offering multiple events, exhibitions, conferences and festivals all around the city of Milan. ‘21st century. Design After Design’ is the title of the… Continue reading

Demolition and Regeneration

‘Another example is today’s high rise of public housing projects. Originally conceived and carried through as major advances in ridding cities of slums, they involved the tearing down of rotting, rat-infested tenements, and… Continue reading


An extraordinary experience to unshape the ordinary objects. Everyday objects have an intrinsic meaning to exist, but why do we associate them with a single function? The exhibition presented aims to understand why individuals… Continue reading

On Exhibiting

‘There is no essential museum. The museum is not a pre-constituted entity that is produced in the same way at all times. No ‘direct ancestors’ (Taylor, 1987:202), or ‘fundamental role’ (Cannon-Brooks, 1984:116) can… Continue reading

The Street

Defining art is, for sure, one of the biggest debate that has been going on for centuries. Throughout all its history, art was associated with beauty and morality. It was only after Modernism… Continue reading


The desire to fly and view the world from above always characterised human beings’ dreams. Today, this is easier than ever thanks to airplanes, the internet, satellites and other technological devices. Although, this… Continue reading


Kathryn Best, architect and author of the book Design Management (2006), explains that not every product that is ‘makable’ can, at the same time, be ‘marketable’. The success of a product is directly… Continue reading

The British Library (Visual Essay)

The visit at the British Library have been a delightful discovery: not only it is an incredible resource for us students but it is also an incredibly inspiring place full of culture and… Continue reading

Consumption & Identity

Branding, by definition, ‘is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind’ (Business Dictionary, 2016). The process of creating a brand aims, therefore, in… Continue reading

Design Management & Manufacturing

While setting its philosophy or approach, it is fundamental for a manufacturing company to decide wether to focus on the product itself or on the process of its production. By choosing to focus… Continue reading